Early Childhood Education and the Arts

As an artist I have worked to ensure that I am able to create in a manner that allows for inclusive creativity and self expression. I use art as a language, to communicate with my own emotions and thoughts, and to create dialogue and discussion among others as they view or interact with my work. Throughout my journey I discovered that to be truly creative I must allow for this process to evolve and progress in an organic manner. I began working with preschool age children almost 7 years ago, and in those environments I found a space where creativity, inquiry, and discovery are happening every second of the day. After finishing an Associate's Degree in Art History I decided to do what I could to learn how to best work with, understand, and evoke the same ideology I have with my work with the children. I began studying Early Childhood Education, obtaining my BA in the field in 2017, and continuing my graduate studies in the same field. I find myself on a continuous journey of Educator and Interdisciplinary Artist. I use the word interdisciplinary, as the values I hold in art are the same I take into my pedagogy of teaching young learners. For children art is a language, a language they can use to express, evolve, and understand the ever-growing community they are becoming a part of. This page and my website will become a mixture of my art work and my work in the field of Early Childhood Education. Thank you all for your continued support, I look forward with much anticipation to what the future holds.